HonorYourMamas.org was founded on the idea that structures of care must be in place in order for individuals who sit at the intersections to persist and survive under current conditions. Our aim is to holistically and collaboratively support pregnant and parenting people in our community, particularly young single mothers, in their quest for access to quality healthcare, childcare, education, and other resources. These people will in turn support and empower others, becoming doulas, lactation counselors, college students, community leaders, and further contributing to the network of the structure of care we aim to collaboratively build. By encouraging education and empowerment among our youth and new and existing parents, together we are building healthy communities. 





Anjanette Vaidya (she/hers)is a speaker and advocate for teen parents' achievement and ability and develops/hosts workshops for pregnant and parenting teens, educators, and birth workers. She has been invited to present her research on how universities exclude young single mothers of color at UNC Chapel Hill in NC, and to speak across the nation on policies that would support student parents, including at at #RealCollege in Philly, The Aspen Institute in CO, a Racial Equity forum in D.C, and the 13th Annual Student Parent Support Symposium in MA. She is the founder and past president of Rutgers Students with Children, an on-campus group of scholars and feminists who champion educational equity and seek to transform higher education to enable greater access. Anjanette serves as a full spectrum community doula and is trained in complimentary medicine and lactation support. She has nursed her three children for a combination of seven years in total, and birthed her last two children at home. She presented on the importance of honoring young mothers at the Decolonize Birth Conference in Brooklyn. As a former teen mother, she is committed to reproductive justice for women of color, including teens, who are often disproportionately affected by intergenerational poverty, institutionalized racism, and domestic and structural violence. She is dedicated to supporting and honoring all people in their pursuit of greater access to resources and quality care. She's obsessed with Jamila Woods, Jidenna, and justice for herself and her sisters. When she isn't trying to change the world, she's just trying to survive it.


Ashley Hill(she/hers)is a native New Orleanian, Mama, Certified Holistic Doula, Placenta Encapsulator, and founder of The Uptown Doula. Through her personal experiences as a teen mother, Ashley has developed a passion for empowering other young parents as they navigate through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. She understands the importance of community support and is committed to assisting others through the practices of self-love, acceptance, truth, vulnerability, and freedom with a focus on mental wellness. Ashley speaks at universities about her work as a doula and leads series of healing circles and support groups for teen mothers at local high schools. Ashley is a member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network, member-owner and co-administrator of Birthmark Doula Collective and serves on the board for the Louisiana Chapter of Postpartum Support International. She has recently completed work as a contributor in the creation of a Reproductive Justice centered curriculum for future medical students at the University of Michigan. When Ashley is not spending time with her daughter or supporting a family, she produces concerts and community events at a center for music in the 9th ward of New Orleans. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, writing, watching independent films, attending events surrounding African American Arts and eating anything chocolate.


Indira Grullon is a passionate activist, mother of 9-year-old daughter Jaylin Alicia, wife to her high school sweetheart, a soon to be certified teacher in local schools, Board Member for Greater Brunswick Charter School, Rutgers University alumni with majors in Sociology and Spanish and an advocate for student parent success. Her journey began in La Ceiba, Honduras and later in New Brunswick, NJ where her mother found a home to raise her family. As a former troubled teen, she feels that her participation in the community is vital and hopes she can make a difference. Her work includes participating as the Vice President on a Rutgers on-campus, student led organization Rutgers Students with Children, where she advocated for student parent rights on a local and national scale. She works as a Substitute teacher for New Brunswick Public Schools and the Latinx Community Outreach Coordinator for Honor Your Mamas. She is also a parent advisor… In her free time, she loves to watch movies, binge watch series, cook with her family and find time to sleep around her busy schedule, and search for ways to better herself, her family and her community. She believes we can never stop learning and giving.


Patrice Williams (she/her) is a graduate of Rutgers University, a Civil Liberties and Public Policies and Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps Alum, a Sexual Assault Response Team Advocate, and a doula trained with the NY Doula Project. Patrice’s interest in reproductive rights and justice stemmed from the want to have accessible health care for herself and her peers. Patrice navigates the world as a black woman with many more intersecting identities. Patrice is an avid Naruto fan, a Chance the Rapper stan and a hoop earring enthusiast.

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